These values – continued Benedict XVI – are not a "random aggregate, but form a coherent whole ordered and articulated on the basis of a precise anthropological vision". To this regard, the Pope raised some questions: "Can Europe ignore the original universal principle underlying these values revealed to human beings, namely their high dignity and their personal vocation to relate to other equal beings with whom they are called to form one single family? Is not it true that oblivion implies the risk of seeing these great and beautiful values be set against each other and come into conflict? Or that these values run the risk of being used by individuals and lobby groups whose only goal is to pursue personal interests which are thus detrimental to the ambitious European project aimed at promoting the common good of the inhabitants of the Continent and of the entire world? Time and again, this risk has been denounced by many observers belonging to different groups. It is important that Europe does not let its civilisation model fade away. Its original dynamism does not have to be stifled by individualism and utilitarianism". (continued) ” ” ” ” ” “