90% of EU citizens "still consider the development of the poor countries important", but "74% of Europeans have never heard about the Millennium Development Objectives": these are the two findings, regarded by Brussels as quite surprising, of the latest survey conducted by Eurobarometer. The European market survey company published such findings in the run-up to the European Development Days that will be celebrated in Stockholm from 22nd to 24th October. In addition, the final report suggests that "72% of Europeans think not only that the current obligations towards the developing countries must be fulfilled but that further commitments need to be undertaken". "This survey clearly shows that the citizens expect their governments and the EU Commission to find a way to raise funds for development", states MEP Karel De Gucht. "Even in the context of the economic crisis, I invite the member states again to keep their promises to increase aids to development up to 69 million euros by 2010, to achieve the medium-term target of the Millennium Development Objectives". (continued)