Lithuanian Bishops: New financial resources for the Catholic media

The meeting of the Lithuanian Bishops Conference, which took place in Vilnius on 22nd and 23rd February, focussed above all on how to add strength to the Catholic media. The “Meeting Report”, issued last night, says that the nine bishops decided to invest new financial resources in the staff that already take care of communication in the dioceses, or to support their training when missing. The updating or opening of diocesan news offices will be funded half with the funds raised on the forthcoming World Communications Day (8th May), and one half by the dioceses. In addition, the bishops took stock of the preparations for the Jubilee events in the country, which will actually start on the Sunday for Prayer for Lithuanians in the World, 6th March. A prayer has been prepared for that day, and it has been sent to the Lithuanian communities in the different continents to create a moment of “spiritual unity”. In addition, the bishops started to reflect on “potential future forms of organisation for Caritas Lithuania” and any ensuing changes to the Bylaws. The bishops also talked of the protection of the historical heritage and the preservation of books, especially “important ecclesial documents” dating back to about 100 years ago, that in the parish churches have survived the soviet regime and that now need special treatments to be preserved, so that such heritage will not go lost.