Luxembourg: the Church is being “restructured”. Parishes, catechesis, public funds and property

The Catholic Church of Luxembourg is redefining itself now that three treaties have been signed between the archdiocese and the State on 26th January 2015. Things to be redesigned include Catholic religious education, replaced by a course in “life and society”, the management of Church properties, public funds to religious communities. Today, on presenting the 2015 Report at a press conference, vicar general Leo Wagener explained that six regional meetings to inform people involved in the management of church property and many meetings for the over 200 religion teachers have been held in the last few months. “Diocese-specific guidelines” have been developed to bring the catechesis to the parishes, and some catechists have been hired. A synod-based process is also working at a “redefinition of the perimeters” of the 274 existing parishes for remapping the parishes in 2017. Because of the positive financial results of 2015, economist Marc Wagener sounded cautious: if the Chamber of Deputies approves the law on ministers of religion’s salaries, “in the future, new employments will become a major additional expenditure”. Launched in 2015 in support of refugees, the project “A Helping Hand” has now 70 trained volunteers and 6 local groups at work. The number of christenings, communions and funerals is stable, while confirmations and marriages are slightly decreasing.