London attack: Card. Marx, “the victims of violence, the wounded, the dead and the families are in our hearts”

“Once again, we are hit by dreadful events which highlight that everywhere in the world the forces of evil and violence will not be silenced, but will always resurge. We know, however, that the power of Christ is stronger! Stronger than death, sin, and fear!”. Card. Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising and President of the German Bishops’ Conference, said this in his homily for the Pentecost Mass, during which he addressed a special thought to the London terror attack: “We would like to remember in our prayer all the people who have been particularly impacted and affected: the victims of violence, the wounded, the dead, the families: you are all in our hearts during this Eucharistic celebration”. Easter and Pentecost, the Cardinal explained, should “set the world in motion towards the goal of one human family”, but there is always the temptation to “back down, to withdraw into oneself” which is why “the vision of the world as one human family is somehow dimmed”. Card Mark called on Christians to “offer a counter-witness, to bear witness to the fact that the Spirit of God is effective, that this Spirit can move the whole world towards the better, towards love, towards justice”. This is the invitation of Pentecost: to bear witness to this message in the world, with great confidence, without fear, without losing heart, without giving up”.