COMECE: No to two-speed Europe in “Europeinfos”, with a reflection on the financial transaction tax

“Difference produces rivalry and dissolution”: “crystallised gaps either within regions or between them break any possible balance between different speeds”. The reflection of Professor Emeritus of Christian Social Ethics Friedhelm Hengsbach refers to the idea of “two-speed Europe”. It is illustrated in an article published in the summer number of Europeinfos (just issued), the monthly magazine of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE). Hengsbach rejects the idea presented by some European leaders several times, because it would create “a structural imbalance between supremacy and dependence”, with following “tensions and conflicts”. Moreover, COMECE’s magazine includes an article about the “tax on financial transactions”, taking stock of the situation; another article is dedicated to the subject of “robotics and artificial intelligence”, in relation to the opportunity of giving those machines “legal personality”. Europeinfos also includes an analysis and positive evaluation of the recent UN Conference on Oceans (5-9 June 2017). Finally, an examination of the impact of the EU-Turkey political agreement on migration on arrivals in Greece, collapsing by 98% in one year.