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EU: Mr Renard (FAFCE) on Court of Justice judgement, “term ‘spouse’ is reinterpreted in freedom of movement legislation”

(Brussels) “This decision is not surprising, but it is essential to observe that the Court maintains that the legal definition of marriage falls within the exclusive competence of EU Member States”. Antoine Renard, President of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE), said this in an interview with SIR news agency, commenting on today’s judgement by the Court of Justice of the European Union that recognises the right of non-EU same-sex spouses to move and reside freely within the EU. “The recognition of marriage between persons of the same sex is required only for the purpose of granting the right of residence”, Mr Renard pointed out. “It is false to say that the EU now imposes a single definition of marriage. The Court simply reaffirms what has already been practised for years in a country like Italy, for example”. The FAFCE President went on to add: “The disturbing fact remains, as this judgement also shows, that freedom of movement in the EU is increasingly being used as a pretext for putting forward an individualistic and ideological agenda, instead of creating a space for peace, with respect for the principle of subsidiarity”. “We regret this happening also by means of this judgement which reinterprets the definition of ‘spouses’ in the legislation on freedom of movement. The practice of changing the meaning of legislation by means of judgements is fairly undemocratic and is taking place at a particular historical moment for the EU. It is not a good message to the European peoples”.