Maddalena Maltese

2019 31 Dicembre


Rohingya. Cardinal Charles Bo (Myanmar): “Aung San Suu Kyi is at The Hague to represent the entire people of Myanmar and bring their voice”

(from New York) “Myanmar is a country rich in natural resources and yet it is among the poorest in Southeast Asia. The tragedy of two million Rohingya has brought it in the limelight of international relations especially after August 2017 when the army, with excessive use of force, drove as many as 700 thousand members […]

di Maddalena Maltese

2019 28 Dicembre

Refuges and reception

Austria and Germany, restrictions on the KirchenAsyl, sanctuaries offering shelter to asylum-seekers

An operation by the Austrian police, conducted on the night between 8 and 9 December last, caused great indignation and dismay not only in Austria: when the police broke into the monastery of the Franciscan nuns of Langenlois (Krems district, Lower Austria), they burst into the cloistered area and arrested Ziaulrahman Zaland, 22-year-old Afghan asylum […]

di Massimo Lavena

2019 20 Dicembre


Latin America’s unrest in the eyes of Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Latin America is experiencing its most turbulent autumn in years: people taking to the streets, violence and repression, sudden changes of power and unstable dialogues. There is almost no country, from the south to Central America, to the Antilles, that has not experienced or is not experiencing street protests. Over the past few weeks alone, […]

di Bruno Desidera

2019 19 Dicembre


Pope Francis and Poland remember Saint John Paul II on the centenary of his birth

“I invite everyone to participate in the solemn Eucharistic liturgy celebrated in the Vatican by Pope Francis on May 17, on the occasion of the great pilgrimage for the 100th anniversary of the birth of St. John Paul II,” announced Mgr Stanisław Gadecki, President of the Polish Episcopate. Karol Wojtyla was born on May 18, […]

di Anna T. Kowalewska

2019 18 Dicembre


Impeachment day for Donald Trump. The House counts the votes

(from New York) “Crusade”, “unconstitutional and unprecedented abuse of power”, “open war on democracy”, “you see democracy as your enemy”. The words used by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, in the six-page letter he wrote yesterday, on the eve of the vote on the impeachment to House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, […]

di Maddalena Maltese, from New York

2019 14 Dicembre

In dialogue for peace

Azza Karam (Religions for peace): “Peace has a broad agenda. Our partnership with the UN is increasingly strong”

(from New York) The tragedies and hopes of the Rohingya in Myanmar, of the child soldiers of Sierra Leone, the protests in Chile and in various South American countries, the threats of populism, the exploitation and destruction of forests, are at the centre of the three-day assembly of Religions for peace in New York, focused […]

di Maddalena Maltese

2019 13 Dicembre


United Kingdom: Johnson’s victory is a win for Brexit and isolationism. Restlessness in Scotland and Ireland. The EU’s farewell to London

“Boris Johnson won because he managed to unite the people who wanted to leave the European Union. Political analysts have estimated that pro-Brexit political parties could count on 48% of the electorate, while pro-EU ‘remain’ parties could count on 52%. In short, the majority in Great Britain wants to stay in the EU, but while […]

di Silvia Guzzetti from Londra

2019 09 Dicembre


Europhonica a year later: “This voice will not be stopped.” Honouring the memory of Antonio and Bartek

There are people whose projects and dreams continue even after a bullet has frozen their blood and taken their lives. So was the dream of Antonio Megalizzi and Barto Pedro Orent-Niedzielski, respectively 29 and 35 when, almost a year ago, on 11 December 2018,  in the heart of Strasbourg a rabid attacker put an end […]

di Sarah Numico from Strasbourg

2019 05 Dicembre


The Apostles, foundations and columns of the Church, were born of the Jewish people

In this time of anticipation, bright lights and sparkling trees are glowing, but a cry pervades the liturgy and the soul of believers: Marana thà! O Lord, come! The Light that shines on humanity: Jesus, the Messiah awaited for centuries. The unfathomable plan of Divine Mercy, known only when history is at its height, is […]

di Cristiana Dobner

2019 05 Dicembre


The UK headed towards general elections. McGee: “Polarized democracy, unpredictable results”

“A variety of political parties, multiple outcomes, more issues discussed compared to previous elections that were generally ‘simpler’. Normally the choice was between financial competence, in which the Conservatives have long claimed to be champions of, and safeguarding public services and welfare, of which the Labour Party claims to be the standard bearer.” Not this […]

di Silvia Guzzetti from London