Sarah Numico

2019 25 Luglio


United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister. Longley (The Tablet), “this will not mend the divisions in the Country”

Boris Johnson is now leading the country after having been chosen to lead the Tory party following Theresa May’s resignation (and failure) as leader and Premier. Johnson won 66% of the vote for Tory leadership cast by approximately 160 thousand members of the Conservative party. The Queen thus invited him to form a new government. […]

di Sarah Numico

2019 19 Luglio


USA: Nuns, priests, Catholic lay leaders arrested while protesting immigration polices at the Senate

They entered the Senate rotunda holding photographs of migrant children who have died in federal immigration custody. Shortly before, they had prayed on the outside lawn, listened to testimonies of migrants who fear losing their children and read the messages of the bishops who arrived in support of this demonstration of civil disobedience promoted, inter […]

di Maddalena Maltese, from New York

2019 18 Luglio


Italian bill criminalizing “Revenge porn” passed into law. Tougher penalties for domestic violence

The government-introduced 21-article Law “for the protection of victims of domestic abuse and gender-based violence”, passed by Senate vote, incorporates provisions under the Criminal Procedure Code to fast-track Court hearings (hence the “red-code” definition), as well as amendments to the Penal Code, with tougher penalties in some cases and new types of offences such as […]

di Stefano De Martis

2019 17 Luglio


Andrea Camilleri. Nadia Terranova, writer: “He encompassed everything, literature as well as civic conscience”

Irony and prestige, great literary stature and civic conscience. He invented a language that mixes Italian and Sicilian dialect, with a respectful and admiring gaze towards women. Thus Nadia Terranova, Italian writer from the city of Messina, author of the book “Addio fantasmi” (Einaudi), among the five finalists of the Strega Literary Prize, spoke of […]

di Valentina Bombelli

2019 09 Luglio


European Union and top jobs: the “struggles” of democracy

Past July 2 EU leaders put forward four nominees to key EU positions – President of the European Commission, Council, ECB and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs. Nominees were finally agreed shortly after the European elections of May 26. Leading positions were assigned to high profile people with great experience in European and international […]

di Jean-Dominique Durand