Apostolic journeys

Pope in Myanmar: to journalists on papal flight, “Many thanks for your company and for your work”

“Good night, and thank you so much for your company”. This is how Pope Francis greeted the journalists on board the papal flight heading to Myanmar, the first leg of his 21st international trip, last night. “Your Holiness, good evening or goodnight!”, the greeting given to Pope Francis by the director of the Holy See Press Office, Greg Burke: “We are always pleased to have you here, perhaps even more so tonight, because it is already half past ten. You spoke of a message of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace. Tonight we try to give you a bit of peace; let us be quick, so you have time to sleep. Thank you. Do You want to say something…?”. “Thank you for your work, you always sow much good”, Pope Francis said: “I wish you a good stay. They say it is too hot, I am sorry, but at least I hope it will be fruitful. Have a good night”.