People’s Piety

Russia: Moscow, over one million and a half pilgrims at the relics of Saint Nicholas. From 13 July in Saint Petersburg

The official site of the exhibition of the relics of Saint Nicholas, in Moscow, says there is a 9.5-hour queue today. The total number of pilgrims paying homage to the relics has been 1,687,500 until yesterday evening. Over 53 thousand yesterday. The high number of pilgrims in the last few days forced organisers to close the queue at 4,30 pm, in such a way that the last pilgrims in the queue could bend over in front of the urn in time to get the last metro to go back home. It will be possible to venerate the relics in Moscow until the evening of 12 July. On the following day, they will be moved to Saint Petersburg, and it will be possible to see them at the Basilica of the Holy Trinity, in the Alexander Nevskij Monastery, from 4:00 pm of 13 July until 28 July, every day from 7 am to 10 pm. A solemn celebration will salute the urn returning to Bari. In Saint Petersburg, too, 500 volunteers will grant assistance to pilgrims every day, distributing water and food. The only ones with a right to preferential entry will be the invalid or disabled, who will have to show a disability certificate, and “children under 2 accompanied by one parent”. Pilgrims are advised to dedicate the time they spend waiting to prayer, in such a way that veneration before the urn will be quick: “If every pilgrim stays for long, the queue for the others will last twice as much”, say the organisers at the site: