Facebook Conversation

2018 Synod: Msgr. Martin (Ireland), “such event in our country to listen to youth concerns”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

“The reflections we are making at the Synod could be made in Ireland: I would like that very much. Having a sort of synod to listen to the concerns of youth in Ireland, to tell about what we have heard from all over the world”; and after understanding the situation of Ireland, “wondering about the way to reach the world together, in order to let many people meet Christ”. Primate of Irish Church and Archbishop of Armagh Msgr. Eamon Martin expressed his wish for an Irish youth synod in a conversation broadcast live on Facebook yesterday evening; on that day, eleven persons in charge for the youth pastoral were in Rome to meet the two Irish bishops participating in the Synod, Msgr. Martin and Bishop of Derry Donal McKeown. Msgr. Martin said he would like to meet all the persons in charge of youth pastoral again, once back home. In that way, he would inform all the bishops about the works at the Synod, with the aim of spreading the results as much as possible. On answering the questions of those following the dialogue on social networks, the bishops agreed upon the need to dedicate resources, including financial resources, to working with youth; they pointed out the Pope’s skills to listen to everyone in the room of the Synod, and the hugs he gave during coffee breaks. When Bishop McKeown was asked about the role of women in the Church, he said: “Of course, by now everywhere it is known that it is a huge loss for the Church that women are not involved to a higher extent”.