France: abuse of minors. A priest and a bishop to stand trial at the Orléans Court today

A priest and a bishop will stand trial at the Orléans Court this afternoon: Father Pierre de Castelet, 69, former vicar general of the Diocese of Orléans, on child abuse charges; and Archbishop André Fort, 83, former bishop of the same Diocese from 2002 to 2010, for not reporting the facts. The accusations against Father de Castelet date from 1993 and the facts allegedly took place at a summer camp of the Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) in Arthez-d’Asson (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). The priest, who was the director and the chaplain of the camp, pretended to be a doctor in order to touch children on the pretext they had to undergo medical checks. Caught in the act, the priest was quickly kicked out of the summer camp. The case, however, resurfaced in 2010, when one of the victims realized that the priest was still serving the Diocese of Orléans as a chaplain for the European Scouts movement and was therefore in contact with young people. The victim raised the alarm in a letter to the bishop, Mgr. Fort. But the bishop did nothing upon receiving the letter. It was only in December 2011 that the case was reported to the prosecutor, when the current Bishop of Orléans, Mgr. Jacques Blaquart, was assigned to the Diocese.