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Norway: welcomes the relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux. Mgr. Eidsvig (Oslo), “we have all received a call to holiness”

The relics of Saint Therese and her parents, Louis and Zélie Martin, have begun their pilgrimage across Norway. They visited the church of St. Gudmund in Jessheim on the evening of Saturday, 6 October, and were solemnly received by the Bishop of Oslo, Mgr. Bernt Eidsvig, in the church packed with believers with white roses. “We are all called to a holy life, to die a holy death”, said Mgr. Eidsvig in his homily. “We have all received a call to holiness in our Baptism”, but it is tempting to recognize it only in others, the Saints: Saints “can inspire and sustain us by their prayer, but the quest for holiness must be put at the centre of the life of all believers”. Speaking of the spirituality of Saint Therese and her “Little Way”, the young Carmelite’s spiritual journey, the Bishop stressed that what is “extraordinary” about holiness is that “it is not terribly complicated, but beautifully simple”. The relics will journey across Norway until 14 October, before reaching Denmark, Finland and finally Iceland. On 12 November, the relics will return to Lisieux. In the past few days, the urns, which arrived in the Nordic countries from Lisieux on 28 September, have been touring Catholic communities in Sweden.