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Norway: Mgr. Eidsvig, 2018 proclaimed “Year of Holiness to rediscover the joy of friendship with God”

Norwegian Bishop Bernt Eidsvig proclaimed 2018 “the Year of Holiness so that all believers in the Diocese of Oslo and Trondheim may rediscover the joy of friendship with the merciful God”. The initiative was conceived of in the run-up to the pilgrimage of the relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux and her parents, Louis and Zélie Martin, which will travel throughout the Nordic countries in autumn, at the will of the Bishops’ Conference. In order to prepare for their arrival (the relics will be in Norway on 6-14 October), the Bishop asked the faithful to pray in their families and communities so that this event may “revive the joy of our common calling to holiness”, since “this goal is not unreachable with the help of God and the Church”. “To those who believe that it is impossible to reach the height of perfection”, Teresa indicated an “elevator to heaven”, Mgr. Eidsvig wrote. “With the words ‘my vocation is love’, she challenges each of us to choose God, regardless of our life situations and abilities. For God alone can satisfy our deepest longings”. In preparation for the “pilgrimage of the relics to the North”, a website was launched, providing information and prayer suggestions based on a “monthly novena”.