Comece: note on the Democratic Republic of Congo, “advance democratic transition process”. Appeal to the EU

(Brussels) The Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) “expresses solidarity with the Congolese Bishops’ Conference of the DRC and supports its efforts in advancing the democratic transition process”, says a note made known by the bishops’ office of the European Union in Brussels, in which “the EU is encouraged to pay particular attention to the social and humanitarian consequences of the crisis affecting the DRC, and to accompany the Congolese people in their legitimate aspirations for a democratic governance, respectful of fundamental freedoms and ensuring the well-being of all”. Moreover, bishops ask the EU “to support activities of the Congolese civil society and the religious actors as the main social and peace-building players”. In its note, COMECE points out some data and information coming from that country, about the “repression” carried out by security forces in the last few weeks and months, and about the attacks suffered from the Catholic Church “to sabotage her mission of peace and reconciliation”.