EU Commission: strategy for the Western Balkans. Mogherini, “European perspective for the six countries. Historic opportunity”

Strasburgo, 6 febbraio: Federica Mogherini illustra la strategia per i Balcani occidentali

(Strasbourg) “The Western Balkans are part of Europe: we share the same history, the same geography, the same cultural heritage and the same opportunities and challenges today and in the future. We have a common interest in working more and more closely together to guarantee to our people economic and social development, and security”. Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, seems to be among the most fervent supporters of a EU perspective for the six Western Balkan countries. As she presented at the European Parliament in Strasbourg the strategy adopted by the Commission today for the definition and implementation of the relations between the EU and the Balkans, Ms Mogherini stressed the problems faced by these countries, but reiterated: “This strategy shows the path that we have ahead of us: for all our six partners to overcome once and for all the past, for all of us together to make the process of the Western Balkans towards the European Union irreversible and keep reuniting the Continent”. Ms Mogherini spoke of “a shared, clear, unequivocal, credible and concrete perspective for each and every one of our six partners’ EU integration”. The next months will not only be intense but also “crucial to make sure that this historic and unique opportunity is seized”.