Pastoral visit

Pope in Nomadelfia: “Continue this lifestyle” based on the “law of fraternity”

“The Law of Fraternity, which marks your lives, was the dream and goal of Fr. Zeno’s entire existence, who desired a community life inspired by the model outlined in the Acts of the Apostles”. Pope Francis said this in the Italian town of Nomadelfia as he met with the community in the Don Zeno Hall. “I urge you to continue this lifestyle, trusting in the power of the Gospel and of the Holy Spirit, through your clear Christian witness”, Pope Francis exhorted. “Faced with the suffering of orphaned or disadvantaged children, Fr. Zeno realised that the only language they could understand was that of love”, the Pontiff continued, recalling the story of the founder who was “able to identify a particular form of society, in which there is no room for isolation and loneliness, one that is based on the principle of collaboration between different families, one in which its members see each other as brothers and sisters in the faith”. “So in Nomadelfia, in response to a special vocation from the Lord, more solid bonds than those of kinship are formed”, the Pope said: “A consanguinity with Jesus is established, typical of those who are reborn of water and the Holy Spirit, for in the words of the divine Teacher: ‘whoever does the will of God is my brother, and sister, and mother’. This special bond of consanguinity and kinship is also visible people’s relationships with one another: all call each other by name, never by surname, and the informal ‘you’ is used in daily interactions”.