Pastoral service

Luxembourg: diocese, training course for “funeral teams”. “Assisting in pain, announcing Christian hope”

A twelve-day training course and an internship in the parishes are the programme that the archdiocese of Luxembourg is offering to people who want to work as volunteers in the so-called “funeral team”. They are men and women called to be the first to be with the dead person’s family: “they have an interview with the family after the death of their beloved ones, they are in charge of planning the funeral and liturgical services at the cemetery or at the crematorium”, the website of the archdiocese explains. As members of a “team” in a deanery or in a parish, they “serve the Christian community that takes care of the dead”. The training course, due to start in September 29th, will take place at the “Luxembourg school of religion and society” (Lsrs) and can be attended by people who have been specifically selected by the parish priest or by the pastoral council. The course will address subjects that have to do with dealing with death and pain, the funeral service, preparing and conducting the funeral liturgy, announcing Christian hope, dealing with death and pain from different theological and practical perspectives. The first volunteers will be ready by the end of 2020.