EU Commission: anti-terrorist measures to protect citizens. Timmermans, “security and defence as public spaces”

Frans Timmermans, primo vice presidente della Commissione Ue (foto Sir/CE) Brussels: Frans Timmermans, first deputy president of the EU Commission (source: SIR/EC)

(Brussels) Today, along with the eleventh report on the Security Union, the European Commission presented “a number of operational and practical measures to better defend the EU citizens from terrorist threats and create a protective Europe”. Such measures “have been designed to correct the deficiencies that have come to the fore in the recent terrorist attacks” and, in the EU Commission’s intentions, “will help the member states protect their public spaces and will help deprive terrorists of the means through which they act”. In addition, the EU Commission proposes that the EU’s external action be strengthened in terms of involving Europol in the fight against terrorism. The first deputy president of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermans, stated: “We will never give in to the terrorists who threaten our security and our freedoms. The Europeans ask the national governments and the EU to firmly address such threats. The new measures announced today will help the member states deprive the terrorists of the means to commit their savage deeds and will also protect our public spaces and therefore our lifestyle better”. The measures put forward by the EU Commission include the following areas (through specific, actual measures): protecting public spaces; depriving terrorists of the means to act; strengthening the EU’s external action in the fight against terrorism.