Lithuania: one hundred years from the birth of the State, tomorrow 4 million citizens singing the hymn at the same time

Apart from Lithuanian rock singer Andrius Mamontovas, Archbishop of Vilnius Gintaras Grusas showed his face and spoke a few words in favour of the “Lithuania 4,000,000” initiative, in a short video published on social media. In the one hundredth anniversary from the birth of the Lithuanian State, they would like to reach all Lithuanians emigrants in the world (about 4 million) having them sing the national hymn all together, wherever they are, tomorrow, 6 July, Vilnius time. On the website created for this initiative,, Lithuanians from all over the world may register and point out where they are, and where they will sing the hymn. The objective is letting Lithuania live as a “community, an idea or a sentiment”, not just a geographic place. “In this way, finally, we’ll learn how many Lithuanians there are all over the world; in spite of the distance separating us, we’ll be one click away from each other”, says the invitation on the site. “Through our virtual union, we’ll actually have Lithuania without frontiers; no-one will ask you what the coat of arms on your passport is, or how you speak Lithuanian”. “If you see people singing in a strange or unknown language, don’t worry. It’s us Lithuanians, celebrating our country and its independence”, says Mamontovas in English.