Bosnia-Herzegovina: “Justitia et Pax” Commission, message for elections. Criteria to choose

In the message for general elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to be held on 7 October, Catholics are encouraged “to vote responsibly” for the candidate or the party intending “to make our land a place where every person, wherever he may live, enjoys the same human rights and religious freedoms, and every nation has equal rights, and feels its identity is protected with respect to the other two peoples” (there are three nationalities in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Catholic Croatians, Muslim Bosnians, and Orthodox Serbians). Other criteria to be taken into consideration: commitment “to respecting every human person, defence of the family and marriage, promotion of fundamental values such as truth, justice, freedom, and love”, commitment to increasing the value of human work, “solidarity with the poor and the disadvantaged“, defence of common good, “freedom of conscience and freedom of religion“. The signer of the message, Msgr. Franjo Komarica condemns any kind of “intolerance and extremism, promoting forgiveness, reconciliation, trust, solidarity, and life in common”. Moreover, he strongly recommends “not to vote candidates with unclear past”.