Sweden: Christian Churches supporting the converts, demonstrations in many cities. Meeting with Migration Agency today

In Stockholm, Göteborg, Linköping, Jönköping, Timrå, Härnösand, Umeå, Åre and Sandviken, “Swedish Christians have gathered to show their support to converts”: this is according to a statement released by the Council of Churches last night, following the prayer and demonstration that took place in the capital, “on Sergels Square, battered by wind and rain”. The goal was to “draw attention to the systematic failures identified by the Churches in the management of asylum applications made by converts”, based on what “many parishioners see in several communities”. “Prayer is the mother tongue of Christians. So it was just natural for us to express ourselves in a common prayer to God at church, before demonstrating in the square”, the Lutheran Archbishop of Stockholm, Antje Jackelén, explained. The celebration at the Philadelphia Church in Stockholm was attended by about 500 people who prayed and listened to three conversion stories. Then, on Sergels Square, they formed a heart holding a light in their hands: “Sine we are also part of the public space, it was important for us to make our voices heard in the noise of the capital”, said Pastor Daniel Alm. Thoday, a delegation from the Christian Council of Sweden, including Card. Anders Arborelius, Pastor Lasse Svensson and the Secretary of the Council of Churches, Karin Wiborn, will meet with Mikael Ribbenvik, Director-General of the Swedish Migration Agency.