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Lithuania: Catholic Bishops call for organ donation, “a wonderful way to contribute to life”

“Organ donation is an expression of our ability to see beyond ourselves, beyond our own needs. We feel more fulfilled when we work for the good of another person and the good we do becomes important not just for ourselves but for society as a whole”. The Lithuanian Bishops wrote this in an appeal to the faithful, inviting them to consider organ donation, for it is “a wonderful way to contribute to life”, an “opportunity to fulfil our vocation to love even after death”. Indeed, “death itself is defeated and life is restored” with organ donation. “Love, communication, solidarity and absolute respect for human dignity” is “the only legitimate basis for organ transplantation” in the spirit of the “gift” and “without putting one’s life or personal identity at risk”, the Bishops explained. Organ donation is also a “commendable antidote” to the increasingly widespread “culture of death”. And “the person receiving the organ discovers that such a gift is not only a cure”, but also an “act of love and generosity that is able to look beyond death”. Indeed, love comes first, even before the organ. “We urge believers”, the Bishops concluded, “to take this particular step of love and commitment to giving and courageously bearing witness to life”.