New Zealand mosque massacre: religious leaders in the Holy Land, “mercy for all those who have been martyred”

Sadness and condemnation were expressed by Church leaders in the Holy Land in the wake of the terrorist attacks on mosques in New Zealand. In a statement issued today and received by SIR news agency, the leaders wrote: “We strongly condemn this terrorist act as we always condemn all kinds of terrorist acts, regardless of their source and their victims. We condemn this act on behalf of the Holy Land, which brings Christians, Muslims, Druze and Jews together. We call upon those responsible in humanity and in the international community to work to eradicate terrorism in all of its forms and political, racial and religious reasons”. “Humanity – the statement reads – is called upon to return to its dignity, and to what God gave it: the power of righteousness, not of destruction. We ask God for mercy for all those who have been martyred and offer condolences to all their families and we wish the speedy recovery of those wounded”.